Human Trafficking 

Unfortunately Wichita faces the severe issue of human trafficking with cases going up every year. It is crucial to have someone with a strong voice to bring attention to this problem that has been hurting our community for years. Wichita is not a city where a crime like this should go unpunished. 

If you or a loved one you know is a victim of human trafficking please call or email The National Human Trafficking Hotline


Ensure Public Safety for All Citizens 

In Wichita, public safety is a huge concern. It is unfair that many citizens have to feel unsafe in places we go everyday. Even public transportation has become a hot-spot for harassment, which is very upsetting considering how many young students use these busses for school.  Sadly, Wichita faces issues that threaten the safety of citizens and stop us from doing what we love. We must be vigilant and work closely with law enforcement and with one another to report crimes and suspicious activity. Never second-guess contacting authorities over suspicious behavior or actions you witness. 

Improving Living Conditions for Low Income Individuals and the Homeless 

It is our duty as citizens to help out others in order to maintain our community. We face a homeless crisis that if not dealt with properly can lead to severe consequences. Unfortunately, the homeless seem to get ignored and don't have access to the real help they need, they are humans too and should be treated as such and given a life worth living. It is important everyone has access to fair living conditions and financial help resources. 

If you know anyone struggling with homelessness have them contact the Homeless Resource Center

(316) 660-7800

Homeless Resource center

Restore Transparency and Trust in the Government 

Wichita has made the headlines too often for all the wrong reasons. We must, as citizens, ensure the right people are getting in office. Too much is done behind-the scenes, leaving our people in the dark on what's really happening. Transparency is crucial in our government, and I stand by that. Let's keep Wichita in the headlines for all the great things we accomplish. 

If you suspect Corruption or Fraud Contact the U.S. Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General

(202) 514-3435

U.S. Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General

Open Doors for Small Businesses 

Too often we face the issue of some of the best businesses being unable to stay open or even start their business at all. Supporting small businesses is crucial, since we can support the people of our community while also building our local economy. As someone who works at a small, family owned business, I can only imagine how disheartening it is to close the doors for good. As the councilman of Wichita District 4, I would ensure to support our deserving small businesses in Wichita.